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X_Oracle [userpic]

Just some crap

October 8th, 2003 (01:32 am)

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X_Oracle [userpic]

I'm Sporadic

July 22nd, 2003 (02:55 pm)

current mood: mellow
current song: 50 Cent

Ok, I'm not posting as often as I probably should, and I should probably be posting more on wednesdaycomics about my current feelings on my weekly pulls but I've been caught up with some things. Right now we have professional staff training, which I mentioned in the last post, so that's taking up a lot of time. greenteaturtle, my sweetie, got me Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for XBox and I'm just plain obsessed. It's an incredible game, which is what I'd expect from BioWare. It's seriously indepth and it has a really cool battle engine. I love being a Jedi and swinging around my lightsabers at people. I think I'm only half done and I'm already 25 hours into it. After I finish it I'm going to start over and be seriously evil and kill and steal, it supposed to have a different spin on the story if you play the other side. Heather and I are also picking the brain of our local comic shop owner John. We also might help him out from time to time on a voluntary basis. Hmmm, what else is going on? Not a whole lot really. I guess that's it, maybe I'll write again later

X_Oracle [userpic]

I'm baaaack

July 15th, 2003 (03:45 pm)

current mood: restless
current song: Dave Mathews

Ok, so it's been a looooong time since i posted. It's been pretty damn busy around these parts with Wedding Planning, The Wedding, The Honeymoon ;) and now professional training at work. We hired 2 new professional staff members who seem to be working out pretty well. I haven't spent too much time with them since I'm on the far east side of campus. It's one of those double edged sword kind of things running the Apartments. It's nice because I'm fairly autonomous, but on the other hand I don't really work with any of my co-workers on any kind of regular basis. I would have to say that the positives outweigh the negative though. Anyway, I'm still sick, greenteaturtle gave me some sort of cold that she picked up on our honeymoon but I can't seem to shake it completely yet. Still coughing up a storm and blowing my nose, I think it's partially allergies now. Oh, I'm finally getting around to registering for my Masters classes. I still have to take the GRE in the fall so I can officially start my M. Ed. but I can still take classes for credit until I finish up all that paperwork. It's been a bit annoying trying to register though since the registrar's office isn't very forthcoming with information and then I realized I had a hold on my account because I didn't have my immunization records on file with the university. I've been trying to get the info from Tulane for the last 3 weeks, eventually they called me back after 2 faxes to them and 2 phone calls. They asked me if I was sure that I went there. It seems as though they had misplaced my file and since they couldn't find it, obviously I was delusional and imagined going to school for 4 years there. Anyway they finally found my records and finally sent them. Of course it wasn't a complete record, because that would be too easy. I remembered I had a copy of all my shots that I had as a "wee little one" in my files at home, so between the two of them I have the complete record. So one would think I could take care of all of this now and be done with it, so I could register, but no. My means of transportation across our sprawling campus, the golfcart, is dead as a doornail and as of yet we still don't know what is wrong with it. I could drive, but my lovely and sick :( wife is at work... so it looks like I'll have to bring it by Health Services tomorrow and get my hold lifted then. Thankfully the classes I'm taking aren't that popular. Larry (My Boss) tells me that the professors I'll be taking have very good reputations, so I hope I'll enjoy them. I'm looking forward to having some more theoretical background in my chosen profession since all of my background in the field is experiencial and utilitarian training for the most part. I don't believe I'll ever be a collegiate academic, I much prefer to be a practitioner. I have though about High School teaching eventually, but for now I enjoy my work with Housing and will probably stay in the field for at least another 6 years. Possibly longer if I find the right school. Otherwise I may try my hand at High School teaching or try to break into High School Administration. Back to the here and now, I've decided that now that I have myself established in the Apartments, my focus this year will be Community building, Staff Development and Student Organizations (The Scholarship House, Community Council and Judicial Review Board.) I want to focus on my true purpose which is as an untraditional educator, or a eductor of the world and life, whatever you want to call us. My profession affords me the ability to teach students outside the classroom about the world around them and how to act as a successful and productive member of society when they leave the shelter of Academic life....... You know, that's a pretty hardcore statement, I like it, I've decided I'm Going to type that up and put it around my office for everyone to thing about. I mean, that is Ideally what we are in this field, so it's important for us to rememeber it all the time..... Hmm... something for me to ponder myself even. Guess I'll be posting again more often....

X_Oracle [userpic]

My Mama didn't raise no fool....

May 22nd, 2003 (08:59 am)

You Are A Smart Driver!

Which Kind of Driver Are You?
by Don's Windshield Replacement

I pity the fool...

X_Oracle [userpic]

The summer Lull...

May 20th, 2003 (03:11 pm)

current mood: bored
current song: Dave Mathews (again)

Now that the 2002-2003 academic year is over and closing has happened and now that we've reopened the complex for summer, we have hit the summer lull. Though I have a couple of projects to work on I don't have a lot going on in my office. I have to keep an eye on a couple of other construction projects, but nothing that takes up my whole day. Like I said in an earlier post we have a construction project working on the catwalks that run through the building, which are being refinished. Then there is cable installation going on in some of the apartments. Otherwise I'm working on somethings here and there, but there is no Judicial problems of which to speak (knock on wood) and since I have half the residents, there are half the issues. greenteaturtle is at home relaxing and healing. My father's gift shipped... it's going up to their house, I told him it was a present for greenteaturtle since her birthday is the same as my dad's June 5. I told him just to put it aside and I'd get it when I got there :) I'm still waiting on a package to ship from Amazon.com. Actually 2 packages, the first one is Sex and the City Season 4, and the other contains 5 TPBs. The last three Nightwing TPBs, Elektra and Wolverine for my lovely Fiancee and Y-The Last Man which I keep hearing so many good things about. I'm also waiting on a couple of pairs of dockers for work, I already did my, as Heather puts it, "Back to school shopping." Got a bunch of these shirts at Old Navy, they're all the same, just different colors hehehe, then a belt, socks and 2 pairs of dockers, that's my clothes for the year. I'm a simple person when it comes to clothes. Never been a clothes horse or a slave to fashion. Ok... I don't have anything else to say right now... I just added a friend of mine from "home" (Watkins Glen, NY), emer13.

X_Oracle [userpic]

Is it the weekend yet?!

May 19th, 2003 (03:43 pm)

current mood: tired
current song: Dave Mathews

I'm just tired, it's been a long day and I wasn't even here. greenteaturtle hurt her back on friday pretty bad and hasn't been able to work so we went to the doctor today. They said she pulled it pretty bad. They think it's from strenuous reptiive use. They said she should get physical therapy but she doesn't have time for it right now with the wedding and work. They gave her an anti-inflammatory and a muscle relaxant and told her to do some exercises twice a day and use hot and cold compresses. We then went on a search for her prescription and when we finally found it we couldn't get her insurance to work so it cost $100 out of pocket! We REALLY need a national health care plan in this country. How can the middle class afford this without insurance. THere is Medicaid for the under priviledge and the rich don't need to worry, but what about the lower-middle and middle-middle class? We just die?! Thankfully I have great insurance through the state because I work for a state university and she'll will have my insurance in a month. That was all we did today really though. I got a gag gift for my dad for his birthday which should be amusing... otherwise nothing going on... Back to work

X_Oracle [userpic]

If I were a Woman....

May 18th, 2003 (01:12 am)

current mood: sleepy

I'm beginning to see a pattern... It looks Like I'd be Jean Grey... She is my Favorite X-Woman, so that's cool with me :)

X_Oracle [userpic]

(no subject)

May 16th, 2003 (09:38 pm)

current mood: bored

X_Oracle [userpic]


May 16th, 2003 (06:25 pm)

current mood: bored

As they say, Thank God it's Friday! I'm just tired from the last 2 weeks... even with taking Wednesday off and sleeping late I just feel drained. Practically nothing happened today at work. I finished my end of the year report, 5 pages long... Fun stuff. greenteaturtle and I might go to see Matrix tonight after she gets off work, that would be AWESOME, I'm really excited about seeing it even though it's gotten mixed reviews and I've heard that you have to see it twice to make much sense of it. Right now I'm watching the first Matrix, even though I've seen it probably 20 times but I wanted to watch it again before I saw the new one. I've also been rereading the whole Run of X-Treme X-Men, I can't say enough how I love the Liquid Colors over Larroca's pencils. I also love the Team, though it all seems to be up in the air right now. Guess we'll see who's on the team after GLMK II ends. I personally hope that Igor Kordey isn't on the book too long, though I like his style on X-Treme better then his stint on Cable. I can't pinpoint exactly what I don't like, but it's just not crisp enough for me and his lines are a bit too rounded. I just don't like the way he draws their faces or anatomy (I guess that almost everything huh? hehehe). They just don't look like the characters I know and love to me. He is a good storyteller though and can convey Claremont's script very well through his art. I will have to say that I've lived through worst artists though, so I'll survive. Guess that's it for now, maybe I'll write again later if I feel the urge.

X_Oracle [userpic]

Comic Book Day shouldn't start off this way....

May 14th, 2003 (06:22 pm)

current mood: content

1 am, Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Loud pounding on my door, over and over. I go to answer it, and I'm surly from being woken from the first decent sleep I've had in 2 weeks. Matt greets me at the door and says, "The Big Screen TV is Missing" and I go "What?" and he repeats himself. I tell him to call the campus police and that I'd be over in the lounge in a second. I run to go put on some clothes. When I arrive the spot where the 62" Sony TV use to sit is now occupied by an end table. I decide that maybe since construction will begin on this section of the building soon, that maintenance may have moved it for safe-keeping. I go to check every room in the Administration building (where the TV is) and find nothing. At this point I'm upset and get a sick feeling in my stomach. It reminds me of those quotes you hear parents say on TV, "See, this is why we can't have nice things." I call the Asst. Director of Housing and he says to check and see what's going on in the morning and if maintenance doesn't know what happened to it then file a police report and we'd take if from there. The campus police arrive and I tell them what we're going to do. It doesn't make me feel any better, it just makes me think, "Why do people steal things? what is the point, it only hurts the rest of the residents." So I spend the whole rest of the night tossing and turning feeling ill. I get up earlier then usual, go into work and find Dick, our maintenance mechanic, and I tell him the story. He starts to laugh and thinks it's funny until I tell him I've been up all night worrying. Not his fault, but he tells me he hid it and shows me where it is. I was finally relieved but I took the day off sick to sleep, since I didn't all night. Anyway, now I'm feeling better....

I woke up at 12 and greenteaturtle and I decided to go pick up our comics and get lunch. We went to Lost Realms, got our stuff, talked a little while and went to McDonald's. Came home, read our comics and are now playing on the internet in her office. I wrote reviews on some of the comics I got today and you can read them on wednesdaycomics