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X_Oracle [userpic]

Namor cancelled

November 16th, 2003 (11:06 pm)

Namor co-writer Andi Watson has informed ComiX-Fan that the Marvel Comics Tsunami brand series will end with issue #12 in February. The series, which Watson co-writes with former Marvel Comics President Bill Jemas, chronicles the early adventures of a teenaged Sub-Mariner with a romantic flavour.

"#12 wraps up the arc that was planned," Watson told ComiX-Fan. "The decision was made a coupla months ago so it's no big surprise or a case of shoehorning everything in to one last issue. There's closure. There were no plans to write beyond the twelve that are coming out. Is anyone surprised?"

Watson went on to explain that the main reason for the series ending is that it didn't reach its target bookstore audience of teenage girls.

"The idea behind Namor was to create a book that teenage girls would read," Watson explained. "Teenage girls don't go into comic shops, they go into book shops. The target audience for the book will now never see it. It's just another book that got mauled in the direct market and by the fanboys and will sink without trace. But yeah, Bill was keen to reach out to build new audiences for mainstream comic books but it's always gonna be a long term project that requires a longer term consideration of profit and loss. The direct market continues to shrink and appeal to an ever narrower demographic... we all know this, it's been happening for decades. I said the same thing when I started and it still holds true."

After debuting at 43rd place on Diamond Comic Distributor's Top 300 charts in April, the series has shed some 10,000 estimated sales through to October's issue #8, which charted at 112th spot (see OCTOBER 2003 INDUSTRY STATISTICS). Several other Marvel titles still placed lower on the October chart than Namor, including another recently cancelled series in The Crew.

A Namor live-action movie is currently in active development at Universal Pictures, with Road To Perdition screenwriter David Self having penned the script. The Scorpion King star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is currently rumoured to be up for the lead role (see COMIX-FAN NEWS BRIEFS - NOVEMBER 6, 2003), a casting choice that, if true, would indicate that the film will not be based on the Tsunami series and its teenage star.

Look for a hardcover edition collecting all 12 issues of the series some time in 2004


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