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The Neglected Journal

And I Don't Care

23 December
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If it's a biography, I'll start from the beginning, but try to be brief. I was born in Mt. Kisko, NY, which is in Westchester County about 45 minutes from NYC. I lived in that area for 12 years of my life and moved to Watkins Glen, NY in the Finger Lakes region (Way West Upstate NY). Didn't care much for it there, so when I graduated HS, I went to Tulane University in New Orleans, I lived there for 4 years and earned my BS in Management from A.B. Freeman. During that time I was also a Resident Assistant and an Assistant Residence Director. After I graduated I went home for a while and in August I was offered a position with Florida Atlantic University, where I am now working. Another incredible benefit of moving to Florida is that I met the most amazing person of my life, greenteaturtle. Five weeks after our first date I asked her to marry me and she said yes, and it was the best decision I ever made. We got married on June 21, 2003. I feel like it was fate that I came to Florida, I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life, professionally, personally and romantically. So after that I started my Masters of Education, which I still have a couple of classes until completion, I'm a bit slow, and I've also moved. I took a job in Oct. 2005 at Cornell University as Assistant Director of Housing and Dining Contracts. So it's all come full circle and I'm back in Upstate NY, but I'm enjoying it a lot more.

As you can see from my journals theme, I am a comic book reader and collector. I started collecting over 18 years ago, in 1988, and began with Amazing Spider-Man, I moved onto Uncanny X-Men and the other X-Titles in 1990 and I've been an Fanatic ever since. Throughout the past 18 years I have collected various titles but the X-Titles have been the only consistent piece. In the last 2 years I've started reading and collecting more titles to include most of the Marvel universe and some select DC titles. My wife and I now get about 90 different titles monthly... God we're poor ;) In Addition, I have read 90% of the X-comics that exist and I would say I'm fairly knowledgeable of the universe, though I know there are those who are more so.